CALLFORTRUST is a platform where insight can be provided into the trustability of online products, such as Apps and Internet of Thing (IoT) devices. Together with the Community of Online Trustability, experts and scientists, we determine the criteria that provide clarity about reliability, transparency, safety, and fairness. With these criteria we build the Online Trustability Index.
The assessment of Apps and IoT devices is carried out in two ways:
1.  With the criteria of Online Trustability Index
2. By reviews of individuals who are members of the Community for Online Trustability.

The Online Trustability Index assessment is based on the answers of the developers of apps and IoT devices to the carefully curated questionnaire. The invitation to fill in our questionnaire is made after apps and IoT devices have been collected and divided into groups according to functional purpose.  After collection, we put all products on the website and they automatically receive an Online Trustability Indication of 0%. By completing the questionnaire, the indication is determined on the basis of a point score that can be achieved for each answer. Algorithms automatically generate percentages for each category of the Online Trustability Index and the rating is published on the website. We assume that the questionnaire is answered honestly, if not, the Online Trustability Indication will be reset to 0%. The Community for Online Trustability, our experts, and a sniffer technique are investigating the answers to correctness

Link to the questionnaire with justification of the questions.

Community for Online Trustability reviews are based on the average number of ratings submitted by citizens. The reviews are drawn from the responses to a questionnaire, which ensures uniformity in evaluation. The assessment is on general grounds as well as on emotional value. The rating is expressed in stars.