We strive for online trustability (towards online reliability, safety, transparency, and fairness).

  • We all are increasingly depending on the online environment;
  • Major tech companies are infiltrating experience of safety, meaningful relationships, and truth;
  • We all do not know whether the rules of GDPR are applied;
  • We all are being left out from the decisions of major tech companies, with no possibilities of oversight, and influence?

We co-create and develop the “Online Trustability Index”.

  • We want to give you a choice to choose products on reliability, safety, transparency, and fairness;
  • We ask everyone for their opinion on online trustability;
  • We build a Community of Trustability and in co-creation with scientists and experts we develop criteria for our Online Trustability Index;
  • We help strengthening the practical implementation of and liabilities defined by GDPR;
  • With the Online Trustability Index, we will analyse mobile Apps and IoT devices.

We offer services with our knowledge base and community.

  • Everyone can check the trustability of online products; 
  • We will co-develop with relevant stakeholders the assessment criteria and facilitate the rating/ranking of Apps and IoT devices”;
  • Online Trustability Index will be a living index, continuously enhanced, tested, and fine-tuned through the community of practice;
  • We can scan, audit, certify based on the Online Trustability Index;
  • Any kind of organisation can use our Trustability Label if they meet the index.


We started the movement CALLFORTRUST with entrepreneurial ambitions, because we need to act decisively to make the online world trustable again. The platform is owned by the private company with limited liability SafeCity BV, founded in 2011. The basis for the establishment of the company is the SafeCity App. The Social Innovation Award-winning first live streaming video app for reporting unsafe situations. SafeCity B.V. is an engine for stimulating and facilitating innovations in the participation of citizens for a safe and sound society.